How to impress a woman? This is a million dollar question whose answer is eluding males till time immemorial. There is a set of qualities
sought by every woman in her prospective mate. We are listing down five most important ones here for you…
1. Respect a woman
Respect is something a woman deserves and wants. On your first day out with her this is one most important quality which she will seek in
you, so give proper care and importance to her. Simple etiquette like pulling a chair to offer her for sitting and asking her liking as a dish or
complimenting her sense of dress can charm her. As these are small but important things always keep them in your mind right from your
first date.
2. Generate Trust
All relationships are based on mutual trust. Women have uncanny ability to find a flirt out. Never ever try to hide such endeavors from her.
Frankness helps in such cases and tell her clearly if you really want her and will remain a one-woman man. Almost all women settle with a
trustworthy man ultimately.
3. Display Confidence
Several characteristics define confidence. A woman considers you confident if you are intelligent, talented, well groomed, handsome, etc.
Your confidence also makes you treat other people well proving your trustworthiness and kindness. Therefore, to get best out of your
woman display confidence in her presence.
4. Display Forgiveness and Understanding
It is quite normal for your female partner to make mistakes at times and sometimes you might find her company difficult. As none of us is
perfect at such times show your understanding towards her and forgive. Keep in mind, forgiveness is key to long lasting relationships.
5. Good Sense of Humour
You have to be a game for your woman to like you. Have sufficient sense of humour to cheer her up and make her smile whenever she
feels low. Talkative and friendly people are generally believed to possess good sense of humour.
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