How Hindu Marriage Sites Help You Understand the Meaning of 7 Vows In Weddings

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Are you able to find your desired soul mate through any of the leading marriage sites? Are you looking forward to tie your nuptial knot as per Hindu community? Well, if you think in the same fashion, you can always take the help of Hindu marriage sites that help users in great ways by not only helping them in finding their ideal soul mates but also arranging marriages for them by following their own culture and tradition. Well, this is something incredible as you do not need to entrap into any kind of conflict after finding your desired match. Most arranged marriages tend to follow their customs and rituals as per their families and have all the right to do so as per their own tradition. Matrimonial sites are designed in such ways that you can take any kind of help to make your marriage a successful event. In fact, they have become a true companion of users, especially in terms of giving them quality services. One of the rituals that bride and groom can’t afford to miss is to take seven vows. This is called Pheras taken around the holy fire. In this blog post, we would update you with the importance of seven vows in a Hindu marriage.

As you can see, the concept of matrimony services is mostly the same across the world, but it differs only in terms of the rituals, culture and traditions. For example, if you belong to the Christian matrimony and looking forward to find your prospective alliance (within your community), you need to opt the services either from the Christian matrimony or UK matrimony services. In the same ways, if you belong to any other community like Parsi, Jewish, etc, you can easily find your perfect life partner by opting in your respective communities through leading marriage sites.

Hindu community generally follows some of the unavoidable rituals like Sindoor-daan, Jaimala, Mangalsutra ceremony and the Seven vows by the wedding couple.

Thereafter, both bride and groom have to seek the blessings of God and pray to be together for the next seven births. The entire ceremony gets completed after the wedding couple complete their seven pheras.

Please take a look at the importance of seven vows in  a Hindu marriage:

The First Vow

The Groom first vows to his bride about his responsibilities towards her in providing all the welfare, nourishment and happiness along with her children. In the same ways, the bride vows about taking care about her new household.

The Second Vow

Here, the groom vows that he will always remain loyal to his bride and will try his level best to provide financial security and stability. The bride also vows to share the responsibility equally.

The Third Vow

The groom vows to provide all the wealth and prosperity to his bride and take care of their children’s education. The bride vows to maintain the level of responsibilities towards her.

The Fourth Vow

The groom vows to his bride and thanks her for all the respect that he has received from both families. The bride vows to respect all the decision and respect.

The Fifth Vow

Here, the couple vows together to share both their sorrow and happiness together. Not only this, they pray to God for healthy children.

The Sixth Vow

They vow together to stay together in grief and joy.

The Seventh Vow

They pray for their togetherness forever.

Today, marriage sites help you conclude your wedding even if you are looking for your prospective alliance through Christian matrimony or UK matrimony.

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