Importance of Name Matching for Marriage in Tamil

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India is a hub of hundreds of arranged marriages that are performed in a calendar year. Out of these weddings, you can find them under various religion and customs. In this post, we are going to update you with the importance of name matching for marriage in Tamil. Just like any other marriage, horoscope compatibility happens to be a crucial aspect before a marriage takes place. There are various ways of matchmaking such as with the help of domestic matchmakers, local marriage bureaus and reputed matrimonial sites. In the Hindu religion, no marriage is accomplished to be successful before matching the horoscopes of both bride and groom. The same also takes place in Tamil Marriages where name matching is done which are just like matching the two horoscopes of a bride and groom.

Marriage matching by name

Today, the compatibility or success of a marriage can be known with the help of the love meter. As per the South Indian tradition, a wedding is fixed only after finding the perfect match between a girl and the boy.

Thirumana Porutham (name matching) is an integral part of TamilMatrimony where the compatibility between a boy and girl is accomplished in an easy manner. It mainly involves the comparison of janma nakshatra (birth stars) of the concerned girl and boy. This is quite a mandatory process which is done before the date of a wedding is fixed. In fact, the marriage date is finalized only after the compatibility between the future bride and groom is fixed. In case, the compatibility levels are not matched or are not up to the mark, then other alternatives are used.

There are as many as 10 components of name matching in Tamil weddings. Please know that compatibility level is better with more number of porutham. Please find different components of them below:

Dina Porutham

In this kind of name matching in Tamil, it is checked to ensure a prosperous and long life of both the bride and groom. After comparing the stars, if the ratio of compatibility is great, then the wedding can take place without interruption. Also, this will ensure a great future for both the bride and groom.

Gana Porutham

Ganas in a traditional Tamil wedding is also known as subcategories. Please note that there are as many as 27 nakshatras, divided into 3 ganas or subcategories. Now, they are further divided as raakshasa ganam, maanushya ganam and deva ganam. In name matching in Tamil marriage, Ganaporutham basically depicts the physical attributes that a bride and groom would have to share.

Mahendra Porutham

It simply scrutinizes the ability of the couple to have kids. Along with that, it also ensures the betterment and completeness of the bond between a bride and groom. It's basically considered for progeny (santhanam).

Stree Deergha Porutham

As the name suggests, this kind of name matching in Tamil marriages is characterized to gauge the prosperity as well as financial status. Please note that a great streedeergha porutham simply ensures that both the bride and groom will find all the happiness and prosperity in their lives.

Yoni Porutham

This kind of name matching in Tamil simply ensures the sexual compatibility between a bride and groom. In order to understand this, you need to know that there are a number of nakshatras that are not found compatible enough. And so, each one is checked to find it is compatible enough.

Rasi Porutham

It's also a crucial Tamil name matching that means a zodiac sign. It mainly gauges the compatibility of zodiac signs between the bride and groom. It's crucial for the couple in leading them a peaceful life post marriage.

Conclusion- There is a lot of importance of name matchmaking for marriage in Tamil before marriage is fixed.


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