The Tradition Behind a Hindu Matrimony

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Loaded with imagery, music, and excellence, a wedding in the Hindu religion includes three days of novel festivals, planned to show the couple the encounters and exercises fundamental for married life.

A Hindu Matrimony comprises three or four days of ceremonies, in which the couple is joined everlastingly by a Priest who advises them, guides them in ceremonies for good karma and gives them each blessing for future.

The Beginning

The wedding begins when the bride’s family finally got a perfect match for their daughter. The importance of horoscope in Hindu Matrimony is upmost. After the check the compatibility, both families accept the girl and the boy as a part of their family. Further, the elders prepare both the life partner for their near future after getting married.

The elders of the families finalize the date of the wedding and the ceremonies start. Haldi is applied to the bride and groom to purify their body. Before one day of the wedding, Henna is applied to the bride's hands. In some Hindu regions, henna is also applied to grooms hands. During these ceremonies, traditional songs are also sung by the ladies.

Before the wedding day, the sangeet ceremony is performed where ladies have sung traditional wedding songs and dance on it and the men also take part in it.

A Hindu Wedding: The Final Ceremony

Various small ceremonies are performed before departure the Bharat consist of the groom, family members, relatives, and friends. After reach the wedding venue, the bride’s families welcome all members and then they feast with the light breakfast.

The bride and groom are sated in the mandap where the priest further starts the wedding ceremonies. Jai mala is performed where the bride and groom exchange their garland made from flowers. The priest enchanted the mantra and bride & groom take 7 rounds around the holy fire and promise to each other to live a long life with each other.

Food and Music

Once the wedding ceremonies are completed, Guest is entertained with the music and dance. Along with they also served delicious vegetation foods.

Final Ceremony

Time is to become to say goodbye. A newlywed couple takes permission from the in-laws. The bride throws back the puffed rice above from their head in four directions and says goodbye to the parents.   

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