Vanniyar Matrimony Rituals- A Perfect Example of Indian Traditions

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Before we start narrating how to achieve happy matrimony services, we would like to make you aware about different online matrimonial portals gearing up all the way to help millions of marriage seekers across the globe. Today, we are living in an era where almost everything is possible with the click of your mouse. And this is what makes today's generation quite different than in the past. As you see, India happens to be the perfect destination for arranged marriages; you may find hundreds of people reflecting different casts and religions like to live a happy life together. And this is what happens to be the beauty of our nation. Now, whenever you need to find the right groom or bride for the purpose of having a matrimonial alliance, you depend heavily on these matchmaking sites. In fact, they have become the lifeline of millions of marriage seekers who are looking for their perfect wedding life partners. In that sense, you should not think twice before joining any such online wedding portal that is bound to help billions of marriage seekers to meet with their perfect life partners. Out of so many different religions and casts, one is Vanniyar that is way too different than others. In this post, we are going to cover some of the most amazing rituals of Vanniyar religion that looks quite stunning as compared to other most common matrimony rituals reflecting any other cast or religion. Most of the times, we talk about the popular matrimony rituals that are equally interesting to know just like Vanniyar. Today, hundreds of perfect brides and grooms are looking to find their respective mates on the leading Vanniyar matrimonial portals. This is the reason why you sometimes witness millions of users like to lead a happy married life after they find their most perfect wedding life partner on any of the leading wedding sites.

In this post, we are going to update you how to go with Vanniyar matrimony login before joining them. In this post, we are going to discuss only about Vanniyar matrimony rituals that you should also know about them. In fact, they have quite unique marriage ceremonies that take place and are enough to give a different idea about their marriages. For example, they like to bring and use special pots for their marriage. In the same ways, there are some more customs that they follow in their marriages. Please know that Vanniyar matrimony weddings are generally fixed by the word of mouth only where all the relatives and friends tend to propose the prospective brides and groom for the entire family. In the recent past, they have become more liberalized and even started going for the love marriages as well. In either case, the way they tend to celebrate their marriages as per their own customs is mind-blowing.

Now, please take a look at some of the different customs and rituals that are followed at the time of Vanniyar wedding:


This is also known as engagement that usually takes place at the bride's place. The groom comes later with all his relatives and other family members to join the ceremony with so much of triumph.

Special Pots for Wedding

This used to happen in the earlier days where bride would visit groom's place a day before the wedding with a woman of the pottery caste and special pots for marriage.

Marriage Dais

The wedding dais is decorated quite delicately with various ornaments and a pot with light (Kuda Viakku).

Conclusion – If you are expecting to lead a happy matrimony life, you need to join a leading online matchmaking site.

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