Why Online Marriage Is Still Regarded As Safest Heavens in India

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The blog renders the entire coverage explaining why an online marriage bureau is still counted as one of the safest heavens in India. It will also touch upon the working of modern India framework for most arranged marriages and also the concept of an online marriage bureau.

As per the recent research, the success rate of online marriage in the country continues to show an upward trend. This trend is likely to swing more in favour of those who believe matchmaking is done in this way. No doubt, the process of selecting your desired life partner has really become far less incommodious than ever. Now, the reason why arranged marriages have become the ultimate choice of Indians is due to the upsides of quick decisions, relinquishing choice and fewer expectations. Don't you think it's going great? Well, no doubt about that and there is lots more that we all have to see in the coming times. After all that you need in a successful relationship? You would obviously want it to be ever flourishing (for both the partners), proper understanding and the level of trust. And this is possible only when your partner also thinks and feels in the same ways as you do.

Native India, from the very beginning, has witnessed stupendous changes in almost every sector. Some of them are given here for your consideration that the country must be proud of:

  • Eradication of the scourge of polio (viral disease)
  • Sending of a spaceship to Mars
  • The building of modern and huge monuments and highways
  • Flexing of economic muscles
  • Pulling hundreds of people out of poverty line

Every citizen of the country must be proud to see the achievements that have been done in the previous years. But when we discuss online marriage (more like an arranged marriage), it continues to intrigue and puzzles hundreds of people as they still believe (without any doubt) in the institution of arranged marriages.

Even if we highlight our present discussion in the context of high tech world where everything has been transformed as per the technology, we can realize a sense of positivity among people regarding the old and traditional concept of arranged marriages.

Even today, hundreds of people from all brackets of life including those westernized and educated strata, simply want to prefer an arranged marriage over love marriage.

The modern architecture of arranged marriages in India

With the advent of the internet, almost everything has become achievable. If we discuss online marriage, then there are a number of online marriage bureaus that have come into the picture ever since the traditional ways of marriage has taken an online route.

But more than explaining about an online marriage, we would like to let you know about the proven formula that works behind every successful arranged marriage in the country.

The first step towards a successful online marriage happens to be the screening or short listing of profile. And this is where the individual's family members or parents come into the picture. As soon as the competent profile gets fixed, parents or other family members start screening the profile with ease.

They take their own time in deciding the fate of the profile. Most commonly, they scrutinize a given matrimonial profile by analyzing a few factors like their community, social circle, proper advertisements, education qualifications, economical status and more. After they are satisfied by analyzing everything, they proceed to the next step.

Now, as far as arranged marriages are being performed by taking the help of internet, it has really become a huge platform. With more number of people attaining the age of maturity and looking for their prospective life partners, it has become almost impossible to find the right matrimonial match for everyone within a short time frame.

In the recent past, we all have witnessed a huge reliability on online marriage as compared to a traditional one. Although, both are almost the same but you are still getting much help in the presence of so many online matchmaking websites that are helping individuals to find their perfect life partners.

The trend of online marriage is going stronger in the country

Well, if you analyze by going with the data, it says that over half of the matrimonial alliances being taken place across the globe are precisely in the form of arranged marriages. Now, with more number of people coming up, the route of arranged marriages has now been diverted towards the online marriage bureaus and other matrimonial web portals.

However, if we talk about India alone, then the percentage of arranged marriages have surged in the recent past and hovering at the mark of 90%. The practice of online marriage looks common in some other parts of the world including some parts of Africa, Middle East, South Asia, and some other Asian countries like China and Japan.

In most other places where people belong to communities where they have seen hundreds of arranged marriages being performed throughout their lives believe that it is still the best practice of getting two people close together. And this is why arranged marriages at such places still prevail and there is no reason why anyone would deny the fact.

But it does not mean that arranged marriage that has taken the shape of an online marriage is free from any drawbacks. Well, if you look in the present context where people have become more matured at an early stage, they better know how to go about marriages in their later part of their lives. Still, the conflicts do arise and you can't control them unless both the partners start thinking in the same ways.

The better part of an arranged marriage that has been largely going online is the fact that it helps couples uphold the vivid religious and cultural traditions for a long period of time.

Maybe, this is the reason why less number of people file divorce petitions in arranged marriages as compared to love marriages or any other kind of relationship. On the other hand, some Indians do consider or prioritize their immediate family members as far more objective and choose to adept at potting compatibility.

The concept of online marriage prevails as it gives rise to a copious amount of opportunities in finding your most reliable matrimonial alliance. It has also given rise to the rising influence of online marriage bureau in finding your perfect matrimonial alliance.

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