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As per Indian tradition and mythology, a marriage happens to be the most sacred bond between two souls. Our country has a rich culture of hundreds of different communities and religion. When it comes to weddings, you ought to see different kinds of marriages depicting their very culture and ethnicity. In this post, we are going to explore different types of marriages with Indian matrimonial sites.

Please take a look at some of the below-given types of marriages that are held as per Hindu tradition and culture:

Assamese Marriages

The first category of weddings on our list is of Assamese weddings. The first ritual in Assamese weddings is performed after both the bride and groom take their respective holy baths. This is done using holy water fetched by their immediate family members. These types of weddings happen to be the simplest and traditional. The feast used in these marriages includes a meal of curd, jaggery, and rice. But now, the culture is changed where guests are served with an elaborate and lavish feast.

Bengali Marriages

Bengali marriages are famous among many different types of weddings in India. Here, you can see the beauty of Mangal Ghat, also known as clay vessels that are decorated traditionally. It’s followed by Ali Buro Bhat which is a traditional Thali given to both bride and groom. It remarks the last night of unmarried couple. After this Aalta and Haldi ceremony is accomplished.

Christian Marriages

These kind of Indian weddings are really elegant and yet mind-blowing in their own ways. It starts with Rose ceremony where a paste of coconut is generally applied which is then followed by a bachelor party. After this, the bride has to wear a white gown and starts walking accompanying her father through the aisle. Finally, the engagement is done by the father of a church. After this, they get married.

Gujarati Marriages

Gujarati weddings are also one of the most elegant and astonishing like any other Indian wedding. These weddings are generally quite lengthy and grand with so many rituals attached to it. Typical GujaratiMatrimony start with the first ritual known as Chandlo Mathi where at least four people from the bride’s family present gifts to the groom and apply some kind of vermilion on his forehead which is also known as Chandlo.  

Kannada Marriages

Kannada weddings are one of the typical Indian weddings that are accompanied with great tradition and style. The rituals start as soon as the bride is taken to the mandap by none other than her sisters. You will see the bride's face is covered with a peacock feather fan. Some other crucial rituals in a typical Kannada wedding include Satapadi and Dhare Herdu.

Kashmiri Marriages

The next category of marriages comprises Kashmiri marriages with quite unique rituals. It starts with Livun where both the houses of the bride and groom are cleaned. In addition to this, there are a few more pre-wedding rituals that are followed that include wanvun, krool khanoon, kanishran, snazaroo and a few more. The post-wedding rituals mainly comprise the bride’s departure which is followed by her great welcome into her new house. In addition to this, there are a few more post-wedding rituals that are followed in a Kashmiri wedding that include ghar atchum, roth khabar and phirlath.  

Marwari Marriages

They are the kind of most extravagant marriages where most of the ceremonies are in the form of individual events. For example, Pithi Dastoor ritual is quite unique to these weddings.

Conclusion- India is a country where you can find so many different types of marriages with different tradition and culture.

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