The Stunning Brilliance of Punjabi Matrimony Rituals

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After the existence of so many leading Punjabi matrimony sites, thousands of marriage seekers have taken a sigh of relief. This is mainly due to the increasing number of marriage seekers struggling all the way to find their most compatible life partners. Today, the situation is entirely changed as they can plan their wedding after registering on these wedding portals. In spite of the grand success of the entire online wedding industry, there are a few people who do not want to believe the success of the online marriage industry that goes as per the traditional arranged marriages. The only difference being they are now happening through online mode. It means the wedding will take place as per the customs and rituals And the rest of the things will go as usual. But the biggest problem arises in finding the right matrimonial alliance that can be easily overcome by registering at leading Punjabi matchmaking sites. This is the reason why most users have started following the trends where they do not want to take chances and therefore like to register on these wedding portals as soon as they decide for marriage. In this post, we are going to update you with some reasons how Punjabi matrimony sites are able to maintain the brilliance of weddings in the Punjabi style.

The biggest huddle that comes forth in the life of a marriage seeker is to find his most perfect life partner. Well, this is what you might think to lead a happy married life only after finding the right life partner which is only possible after you register at any of the leading online wedding portal. This is because they resolve all your marital needs in the best possible ways. At the same time, they are equipped with so many online wedding professionals who are well trained to resolve all your matrimonial related issues. The other interesting things about them is that you can always come back to seek their help even if you get marital issues post marriage. In fact, these wedding portals are becoming widely popular as they are able to maintain the same glamour as it used to happen in the earlier days.

Now, please take a look at the most profound glamour and grandness of a Punjabi marriage that usually comes alive at the time of a Punjabi wedding:


Roka happens to be a crucial Punjabi matrimonial ceremony where an informal alliance is accomplished between the respective families of both bride and groom. The above ritual is generally held at the bride's place that witnesses the exchange of sweets and gifts.

Mangni or Sagan

This ritual is held just before the actual wedding takes place. It's better known as the engagement ceremony where you can see bride and groom exchange rings. The function follows by exchanging sweets and gifts.

Chunni Chadana

In this ritual, the sister-in-law of the groom presents chunni to the bride in the function that is held at the bride's place. After that, she is usually fed with milk and boiled rice. The entire ceremony is followed by Tika ceremony along with a short havan.


Sangeet happens to be one of the most crucial rituals of any Punjabi wedding. It's so important that if sangeet is not there, then the wedding will not take place. This is why you might have witnessed most Punjabi weddings are performed in the presence of a nice and elegant sangeet ceremony. In fact, it is an integral part of any Punjabi wedding.

Conclusion- These days, you can find so many latest and brilliant Punjabi matrimony rituals that you can’t skip overlooking them.

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