5 Most Lucrative Destination Wedding in India

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India is full of great destinations. Most tourists come here to enjoy their vacation. But when it comes to the destination wedding in India, you can have so many beautiful and amazing places all scattered in the country. This is the reason why most wedding couples like to accomplish their wedding ceremony by travelling to any of the most amazing destinations. For example, many of the brides and the grooms like to go for the uphill to get a glimpse of the beauty of the nature.

At the same time, when the destination is fixed, another thing that comes up in the mind which is none other than the stage decoration for wedding. Stage decoration is something that really needs to be highly decorative as it happens to be the centre of attraction where most of the wedding ceremony takes place. This is the reason why most wedding couples like to have a spectacular and dashing stage decoration for wedding.

Now, please take a look at some of the highly recommended destination weddings in India:


Goa is always the first and the foremost choice for maximum wedding couples. There are various reasons to support this. Goa is composed of highly vibrant nature with clean and dashing sea beaches and so many other ways for fun and enjoyment.

You might be wondering to know the best time to reach your favourite destination. Well, if you look it for the wedding purpose, then you need to fix a date of your marriage anywhere between Februarys to November. It’s simply because this happens to be a peak time where you get the best enjoyment out there.


If you have settled with your marriage date and it falls in Kerala, then nothing like it. It’s simply because Kerala is famous for its sprawling backwaters that attracts hundreds of tourists each year. But when it comes for weddings, the destination becomes the centre of attraction for hundreds of marriage seekers. They plan in advance to arrange their marriage in the beautiful environment of Kerala.

One of the attractions about Kerala is the beauty of the place. You can have a glimpse of the most attractive waters along with the presence of so many resorts. The best time of the year to get your marriage arranged in Kerala is somewhere between March to September. Other than that, you may hire experts for stage decoration for wedding in a legitimate manner.


Rishikesh is another favourite destination wedding in the country. The place is surrounded with so many beauties that attract large number of tourists from the most parts of the country. If you analyze the destination in terms of weddings, it is one of the most amazing places for weddings. This is the reason why you can feel the presence of hundreds of weddings that take place in the natural beauty of Rishikesh. At the same time, you can also have the opportunity of having an awesome stage decoration for wedding as well.


Shimla happens to be an all time favourite destination for most wedding couples. The place is actually counted among one of the best to accomplish weddings in great spirits. This is the reason why you can see how most marriage seekers plan their weddings to be done at the centre of Rishikesh that witnesses the utmost beauty of the place.


Just like the above destination wedding in India, Jaipur is also regarded as one of the best places to accomplish your wedding in great spirits.

Conclusion – If you like to go for some of the most attractive destination wedding in India, then you may select any of the above destinations as per your interest and suitability.

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