Swipe virtuous for Marriage Matrimony- How Indian Marriages Trending in the Age of OkCupid

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The blog represents an exclusive coverage on how the Indian marriage matrimony lately evolved in the age of OkCupid, ghosting and Tinder. The blog will also uncover an entirely new facet of matrimony industry, like matrimonial login that witnesses the perpetuating trends being emerged after most arranged marriages started diverting their routes and landed on the trusted online matrimony web portals.

In the world of technology, everything is revolving at its own pace. And when we restrict our discussion on those who are struggling to find their exact match, then only one thing comes in mind which is none other than matrimony sites. You might have observed a new trend that has started prospering well into the recent past and has even given rise to a plethora of “niche matrimonial websites” that offers specific services to the people. For example, those who are seeking an NRI bride or groom can always visit marriage matrimony portal to find the most viable NRI life partners. In the same ways, there are some other trusted matrimony web portals that offer their services to some other specific communities like Sikh, Punjabi, Marathi, and more.

These online matrimony shops provide a number of services to those who are seeking their respective ideal match. But first you need to create a profile and then can only be able to get their services. You can very well do so by creating an online account with the help of matrimonial login. After that you simply need to create an impressive profile and upload it to these sites.

Most arranged marriages are seemingly morphed into online dating platform

Well, if we discuss about our Indian society and culture in terms of matrimonial alliances, you will be amazed to know the ground reality. The fact is that dating is still considered a kind of taboo in the country, and not many people believe in such a relationship.

As per the recent research done in this regard, it has been found that most youngsters who are already enjoying their live-in relationships do not hesitate to end them up when they plan to get married. Most of them simply choose an arranged marriage rather than undergoing into an everlasting nuptial bond.

So, due to the Indian customs and values, marriages in India are largely considered an arranged one whenever someone ignites a hot discussion on the topic.

But in spite of us updating you with the most recent trend, you can still find a large number of marriages that are being arranged in their traditional ways. Here prospective grooms and brides are searched manually and then consulted to the most popular and literate priest who is given the task to match the 'kundli' of both bride and groom.

Kundli happens to be an astrological data of the person concerned. The priest's job is not only to conclude the entire wedding ceremony comfortably but also has to reciprocate his views after analyzing the astrological data in the written form.

One of his crucial jobs is also to match the compatibility of the wedding couple before starting the further procedures of the marriage.

In the same ways, the family members or relatives of the bride and groom also undergo a rigorous check of the background and other details of the respective groom and bride so as to ensure that everything is going on the right track. The matching of kundali, however happens to be the last part in the rituals.

As we stated in the post above, most online matrimony services started trending almost 2-3 decades ago. This was the time when a few online web portals suddenly emerged in the country and almost captured the entire matrimony market.

And this is how the websites like,,, etc. started evolving in the country for the first time. As per the study conducted in the year 2015 by ASSOCHAM (Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India), the overall growth of matrimony websites was predicted to surge by 65 percent in the coming five years.

Reasons for an enormous growth in online matrimony web portals

Do you know the prime reasons why online matrimonial websites have attributed to an immense demand over the last few years? Well, it's mainly due to their efficiency, convenience and time-saving. And due to these in-build qualities, they have given a new lease of hope to those who are struggling to find their perfect life partner.

For example, in the fiscal year 2012-13, almost 60 million people registered themselves on the online marriage bureau and registered their profiles successfully.

Most of them who registered and uploaded their matrimonial profile on these web portals largely believed that they are hassle-free and quite economical as compared to the cost incurred during traditional ways.

As soon as the quick analysis of these emerging online web portals were done, it was revealed why they are worth giving quality services in the future. And the entire exercise actually evolved the online marriage industry further by giving rise to the specific niche markets.

So, either online or offline, the very basic ideology that these services offered lately was filtering profiles as per their caste, religion, profession, financial history, educational qualification, geographical location and their family background.

Ever since the matrimony industry witnessed a steep rise in demand, it soon started growing into some specific categories. One of the categories was to provide services to those who want to settle abroad.

In the same ways, there are people who are living aboard but want to settle down with an Indian bride. But initially, it looked quite a tedious task to help both the families living at such a huge distance. And this is what is called as a geographical barrier.

The idea was merely to create a web portal and to help those living at a large distance and looking for their prospective brides or grooms in their own community.

For example, a Punjabi groom who has already settled aboard is looking for a Punjabi bride from India. Until now, this was almost impossible but now, with the online web portal, it has come into existence.

In the same ways, various other web portals or bureaus took birth to help individuals from specific communities (Marathi, Sikh, Muslim, etc.). These category specific online portals proved a lifeline to those struggling to find their soul mates.

Indian marriage matrimony is consistently evolving from the last two decades and has given rise to many features like matrimonial login where they can create their account and find their prospective life partner.

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